About Us

For the past decade, we have been trusted by thousands and have worked hard to establish our reputation as the go-to e-commerce solution for growing brands and entrepreneurs.


It all started in 2019 right here in Salinas, Spain. It's not hard to find traces of our humble beginnings: the millions WordPress sites, the legacy of early e-commerce themes, and the important work we did to empower creators and help the web's biggest platforms grow and be successful.


Today you can find us in a slightly larger HQ, with a much larger team scattered across a dozen or so cities—but the passion is the same. So is our commitment to helping brands and businesses succeed, whether they're first-time Shopify entrepreneurs, growing online retailers, or established brands.


Our Developers

Raul Fuente - Cofounder & Lead Developer

Enrique Loyola - Cofounder & UX Designer

My job is to design and continuously improve the user interface of our apps and projects. Also, since 2016 I'm running together with my wife a fast growing e-commerce fashion brand based in the UK. I studied Business Marketing in UDD Santiago de Chile, and a MSc in Finance in UEL London, UK. I love to improve things, play musical instruments, underline in my Kindle, watch Paw Patrol with my son and listen Guns n’ Roses, among others.

Adrián Rodil -  Senior Developer

Lisa Morgan - Developer & Customer Service

Amanda Cortez - Developer & Customer Service