1. Why it says "Wrong email or order number. Please try again” when tracking my order?

  • Step 1: Please check if the Email Address & Order Number is correct.
  • Step 2: If the error message is still there, please contact us here

2. How to add your Order Tracking Page link to your Shopify email notifications?

From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Notifications
In the Email templates section, click the template you want to change
Copy the below code and paste it into the first line of each email template

{% capture order_status_url %}{{ shop.url }}/pages/order-tracking-page?ordernumber={{ order_number }}&hash={{ customer.email | strip | downcase | md5 }}{% endcapture %}

You can do this for the following email templates:

Order confirmation
Shipping confirmation
Shipping update
Shipment out for delivery
Shipment delivered

3. Is Order Tracking Page app free? 

Order Tracking Page counts the quota based on the number of your orders, providing unlimited order lookups.

All the plans are as follows.

  • Free - 50 orders/month =  Free
  • Starter - 500 orders/month = $5.99
  • Growth - 1,000 orders/month = $14.99
  • Pro - 5,000 orders/month = $39.99
  • Plus - >5,000 orders/month = $74.99

OTP billing is based on the Shopify billing API. Recurring charges are billed every 30 days, not the calendar month.

4. How to customize the color of the "Find Order" button in CSS?

Go to Advanced -> CSS and place the code below:

.otp_button-submit {
color: white !importan;
background-color: black !important;

5. How to customize the "Result Page" width in CSS?

Go to Advanced -> CSS and place the code below:

.otp_search-result {
padding-left: 5rem !important;
padding-right: 5rem !important;

6. How to customize the color of the result page "Time Line" in CSS?

Go to Advanced -> CSS and place the code below:

.otp_track .otp_step.otp_active:before {
background: lightsalmon !important;

.otp_track .otp_step.otp_active .otp_icon {
background: lightsalmon !important;
color: #fff !important;


If you need any other help, please contact our customer care team here