Order Tracking Page

Order Tracking Page

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Online shoppers want to know details about their order status at every step of the way. Order tracking page allows your customers to follow their orders from the moment their order is placed until it is delivered to their homes, knowing in advance the estimated shipping and delivery dates of the order. Customers need to simply enter their order number and email address to see their latest order update. Trust us, they'll love it!

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All major brands have a tracking page in their store. Now you can have it too! Order Tracking Page works in your store and domain too, not on a third-party “branded” page as most of the other tracking apps.

Setup Estimated Dispatch and Delivery Dates.

Setup processing times and ETA for Standard and Express shipping orders. Keep your customers well-informed.

Custom Order Status

Order tracking page allow your customers to follow their order from the time their order is placed until it is delivered, keeping them informed about the estimated shipping and delivery dates. You can also create custom order status during your processing time. The app works with all major carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post and over 100 others+

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Display shipping messages or ETA information right under your "Add to Cart" button.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Theme

Order Tracking Page is smoothly embedded into your Shopify store, matching your brand and impressing your customers with responsive design for mobile and tablet shoppers. You can also adjust styles and add notes to the tracking page informing customers about important updates.

Improve SEO Ranking & Site Traffic

Drive traffic to your site and domain instead of the shipping carrier’s site or a "branded" tracking page in a third-party domain. Improve SEO and increase organic search increasing traffic on your store.

Email Notifications

As Order Tracking Page works with your Shopify information, you can continue using your own fully customizable Shopify order notification emails. Adding a simple code to your email, will allow your customers to check their order status in one click.